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Four Blunders in Five Days

From September 21, 2008

The Conservative Party tripped and stumbled their way out of the election starting gate, marking four blunders in the first five days of the campaign. And they weren't finished there.

On Monday, September 8th, the Conservative campaign showed their true colours by starting of the campaign with an attack ad. Inexplicably, the ad featured an animated puffin pooping on Liberal Leader Stephane Dion. Stephen Harper was forced to apologize the next day for the "tasteless and inappropriate" ad, though denying he knew anything about it.

On September 9th it was revealed that the Conservatives' hand-picked candidate for the riding of Halifax, Rosamond Luke, had two criminal convictions. She decided to quit the race.

On September 10th Green Party leader Elizabeth May was allowed into the televised leadership debates. Harper had said earlier that he would not take part in the debates if May was present. But media and public scrutiny forced a change of attitude and Harper relented.

And on Thursday, September 11th, the Conservative party's communications director, Ryan Sparrow, was suspended. Sparrow had written an email to reporters insinuating that a man who criticized Harper's new Afghanistan strategy was actually a Liberal and a supporter of Michael Ignatieff. But the man, whose son died in Khandahar in March 2006, had argued that Canada should not leave Afghanistan until the mission was complete.

But on it goes. The following week we learn that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz was making jokes to staff about Canadians dying of Listeriosis.

With no ground to stand on, Harper has resorted to wearing fuzzy sweaters and talking in vague platitudes.

If Harper can't run a 36 day campaign why would anyone ask him to run a country?