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Conservatives Refuse Accountability

From September 20, 2008

Harper's Conservatives have a two-headed approach to transparency and accountability in government.

Despite running on a platform of accountability, Canadians find that Harper's government has stripped away the tools used for access to information requests. The Cons have fought hard to prevent the release of Health Canada reports and tax-payer subsidized political polls. They have given no-bid, $100,000 contracts to old acquaintances, under the radar. They have repeatedly failed to report on their soaring ministerial travel expenses, and then report false numbers when they do.

For some reason the everyday functioning of government must be obscured through secrecy and misinformation.

But when it comes to actual classified and sensitive government documents - documents regarding Canada's counter-terrorism headquarters, federal government network security, and NATO - those can be left in a garbage bin, on a street corner, and in the apartment of an ex-girlfriend, respectively.

Harper's Conservatives don't seem to understand what actually matters. Their priorities are upside down. They were elected by Canadians to bring transparency and accountability to government, but they have only accomplished secrecy, corruption, and incompetence.

It may be called, by some, a wasted vote.