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Harper Abolishes Science

From September 20, 2008

For all intents and purposes, Harper has abolished science in Canada.

When the chief of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission suggested that one shouldn't run nuclear plants without necessary safety equipment, she was fired.

When a biologist discovered that the Conservatives were deregulating meat inspection and blew the whistle, he was fired.

When a panel of scientists wrote a report on the health dangers of asbestos, the report was shelved.

When a scientist in Ottawa wrote a novel about climate change, the Environment ministry told him he would not be allowed speak about his book at the National Press Club.

But this is not simply a problem of disagreeing with the science - Harper doesn't want to even hear the science. At the start of 2008 the Harper government abolished Canada's National Science Advisor position.

On what far away planet that serves as home to Harper's common sense is it prudent to ignore and abolish the office of Canada's National Science Advisor.

Stephen Harper believes the world is flat, and just so long as he believes it hard enough (and fires enough people), it is so.