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Bev Oda Travels in Style

From May 29, 2008

While in Halifax attending the 2006 Juno Awards, Heritage Minister Bev Oda racked up $5,475 in limousine expenses in a span of just four days.

It is unclear how she accomplished this feat, as there are only so many hours in a day.

It is also unclear why she required a limousine, as her hotel room was just 100 metres from the Metro Centre where the Juno Awards took place.

Worse, the expense would not have been discovered if not for a Liberal access to information request. The request revealed that her office had not properly reported the limousine expense, keeping the cost hidden from public view. A little further digging by the NDP revealed that during her time as Minister she had spent nearly $17,000 on limousines, and her office had publicly reported less than half of that.

For something as simple as limousine expenses, Harper's Conservatives remain unable or unwilling to produce an accurate accounting. Why should anyone trust the numbers in their federal budgets?