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Maxime Bernier's Unavailable Plane Pledge

From August 2, 2008

Back when Maxime Bernier was still the Minister of Foreign Affairs he promised the use of one of Canada's C-17s to the World Food Program for the transport of relief effort helicopters to Myanmar. Bernier told reporters, "Canada is there to help the people of Burma and we have a C-17 available. We'll do this flight as quickly as possible."

Bernier was evidently unaware that of Canada's four C-17 heavy-lift aircraft, two were undergoing repairs, and two were already employed on other missions.

Already committed by Bernier, Ottawa had no option but to rent from Russia a different C-17, with a price tag of nearly a million dollars.

It seems that even when members of the Harper's government try to do the right thing they muddle it up.

By no means is running government easy, but the Conservatives certainly make it look hard.