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Tom Lukiwski is an A

From June 1, 2008

First elected in 2004 and again in 2006, Tom Lukiwski is the Conservative MP for Regina - Lumsden - Lake Centre. On April 3, 2008, a videotape surfaced featuring a younger Tom Lukiwski. On the video Lukiwski is seen saying, "There's As and there's Bs. The As are guys like me, the Bs are homosexual faggots with dirt under their fingernails that transmit diseases."

The tape also featured Brad Wall, later Sask. Party leader and Premier, and other provincial Progressive Conservative Party campaign workers making racist and sexist comments.

Lukiwski apologized in the House of Commons the next day. He called his comments, "stupid, thoughtless, and insensitive," adding, "I will spend the rest of my career and my life trying to make up for those shameless comments."

Of note, the previous MP for Regina - Lumsden - Lake Centre, Larry Spencer, was forced out of the Canadian Alliance party in late 2003 after informing a Vancouver reporter of a "well-orchestrated" gay conspiracy and insisting that homosexuality should be outlawed.

The question remains: "Will the next Conservative candidate be any better?"