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Harper Gallery Leaves MPs Speechless - Ottawa Citizen

From August 30, 2008

Few but the party faithful get to see the inside of the private government lobby of the House of Commons. But during a youth Parliament at the beginning of 2008, a couple of guest speakers were admitted inside, including Elizabeth May, leader of the Green party.

May was stunned. "When you walk in the door, all you see are pictures of Stephen Harper."

"I'd say between every window, in every available space of the wall, at eye level, every available space has a photo of Stephen Harper."

"You've got photos of Stephen Harper, but not of previous prime ministers," she added. "Photos of Stephen Harper in different costumes, in different settings, dressed as a fireman, in Hudson Bay looking for polar bears, meeting the Dalai Lama, even the portrait of the Queen had to have Stephen Harper, but in a candid, behind her."

Liberal MP Mauril Belanger noted, by contrast, that their own lobby has always included the portraits of previous prime ministers and some cabinet ministers. When asked, a Conservative MP reported that the selection of Harper photos had been up for three months or more.

And remarked NDP MP Paul Dewar, "If you're ever wondering who's in charge, just look at the wall."

It seems truly strange that Stephen Harper, of all people, would have a personality cult. But what he lacks in personality he can apparently make up for in ego.