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Conservative Agents, Candidates Ignore Subpoenas

From September 10, 2008

In August 2008, a Commons inquiry into Conservative wrong-doing regarding the In and Out scandal was proceeding and ready to hear its first witnesses. But according to Paul Szabo, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, the majority of the Conservative party agents and candidates told him that they would not appear.

Then, when subpoenas were issued, the vast majority were ignored. According to NDP MP Pat Martin, just 3 of the 26 people who were subpoenaed appeared before the committee. The rest had followed the orders of the Conservative Party to not appear.

The Conservatives appear happy to make a mockery of the Canadian electoral system, and then they resist all attempts at reform. Rather than attempt to defend their election campaign actions in court, the leader of the Conservative party would prefer that his members run away and hide and be held in contempt.

This is not the behaviour of a national party. There needs to be repercussions for such actions, if not in committee than at the ballot box.