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Cons Cut Arts and Heritage

From August 23, 2008

When it comes to the promotion of Canadian arts and heritage, Harper's Conservatives are a disservice to the country.

Heritage Canada's budget for the Museum Assistance Program was cut in half. The Canadian Volunteerism Initiative was cancelled. The Centre for Research and Information on Canada was cancelled. Then the Conservatives cancelled Trade Routes.

Said Alan Pineau, national director of the Canadian Conference of the Arts, on the termination of the cultural export grant program, Trade Routes, "I can't believe they would be so stupid. It's just provocative."

Despite a $13 billion dollar surplus, the future of Canadian art and culture is put in peril when a Harper government is in charge. These cuts do actual, real damage to the continuing education of Canadian children and adults alike, and to the livelihood of Canadian artists and musicians, but the federal government is perfectly okay with that.