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MP Rob Anders Equates 2008 Beijing with 1936 Berlin

From July 19, 2008

On the eve of the 2008 Summer Games, Calgary MP Rob Anders said this: "I absolutely 100% think it compares to the Berlin Olympics in 1936."

And this: "And, I think, their record in terms of deaths and atrocities far overshadows those in the Second World War."

And this: "They're good athletes; they want to have the opportunity to compete. But I don't want to see them used as a propaganda tool for the Chinese communists."

One might credit the Conservatives for insisting that Anders speaks only as an individual, and that his comments do not represent government policy. But of how much value are those words when Anders remains a member of the Conservative caucus and retains the Conservative nomination for his riding year after year? What do his constituents think?