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Military Integration with NORTHCOM

From July 7, 2008

The intention of Northern Command, when it was first dreamt up in 2002 by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, was to grant territorial control of all of North America, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the far arctic, as well as all territorial waters within 500km, to the United States during a civil emergency. All Canada had to do was sign up. Fortunately, Canada did not.

Fast forward to 2006. Canada Command is established.

Fast forward to 2008. It is revealed on February 22, 2008, that Canada Command has entered into a pact that would authorize the U.S. military to enter and operate under U.S. command within Canadian territory during civil emergencies.

Other details were vague, as the agreement was not made public by the Harper government or the Canadian Forces. Rather, information about the arrangement, which was signed in Texas on Feb 14, was released by U.S. Northern Command alone.

A distinction must be made between the American people and the American government. The American people are a valuable partner for trade, culture, and cooperation. The American government is the quasi-benevolent dictator who would gladly do the world a favour by taking all dominion over it.

Any fit person who values Canadian sovereignty (and resources) sees the madness of integrating Canada COM with NORTHCOM. To the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, nearly any situation can look like a "civil emergency" when wearing Threat Condition Red coloured glasses. Given the right excuse of "National Need" it will be time to send in the troops, because Stephen Harper already sold us out.