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Cons Buying Votes in Quebec

From August 31, 2008

The Conservative federal government is playing favourites in Quebec.

An analysis of spending there shows that economic development money is being granted disproportionately to Conservative-held ridings. Despite a mandate that states the money is to benefit all areas where "slow economic growth is prevalent", Conservative-held ridings received 83% more money than ridings that elected an MP to another party. Since 2006, each Con riding has received an average of $10.8 million, whereas the average Bloc Quebecois riding received $6.6 million and the average Liberal riding just $3.2 million.

Louis-Hebert, the riding of Conservative MP Luc Harvey, received $69 million. In the last election Harvey won his riding by just 231 votes.

The Canadian government is supposed to represent the interests of all Canadians - not just the ones that may vote for them. Unbelievably, this sort of unaccountable behaviour is exactly what Harper's Conservatives had promised to end, during the last campaign.

Clearly, taking Stephen Harper at his word is a mistake no one should repeat.