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Harper Puts on His Walking Shoes

From June 23, 2008

After the Federal Courts declared that Harper's government had violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for its gag orders on the Canadian Wheat Board, Mr Harper was understandably upset. He had maintained that his government would never do anything unconstitutional; yet under his orders they had. But worse than that, the Canadian Wheat Board that Stephen Harper hoped to destroy was again able to defend itself publicly.

So, at a press conference held in Saskatoon, Stephen Harper wanted to make the issue clear and insisted that those listening should "mark my words": anybody who stands in the way of dismantling the Wheat Board "is going to get walked over."

Presumably this group of people includes over 40,000 western Canadian grain farmers and the Federal Court of Canada.

From any other leader this sort of arrogance would be surprising. For Harper it is standard operating procedure.