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Conservatives on Asbestos

From August 28, 2008

Over 100 other governments consider asbestos a hazardous, carcinogenic product, but the Conservative government of Stephen Harper has been fighting to keep it off the UN watch list. To help in the government's fight, Health Minister Tony Clement commissioned a $100,000 report to conclude on the relative safety of asbestos. The report was completed in March 2008.

Unfortunately for Clement, the report instead recommended a ban on the export, use, and production of asbestos in Canada.

This put the Conservative government in a difficult spot. Their international policies were called into question by the report they had commissioned to support their position. But, rather than adjusting their views to be more in-line with the consensus of an expert panel, Health Canada decided to hide the report from public few, likely until the end of an international conference set to convene in Rome in October 2008.

Is this what the Conservatives were elected for?