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Industry Canada on the Web

From June 23, 2008

In a hilarious bit of trivia, in the spring of 2008 Wikipedia caught someone at Industry Canada altering the page of Industry Minister Jim Prentice. The page was edited to remove references to Prentice's controversial copyright legislation, while two lines were added to fluff the minister's accomplishments, including a line praising the minister's 'capability', 'competence', and 'confidence'.

According to Jay Walsh, spokesman of the Wikimedia Foundation, "The edits which should be trusted would come from people who don't possess a conflict of interest, in this case, it would be worthwhile saying that if someone is making edits from a computer within the government of Canada... if it was someone within that ministry, that would theoretically constitute a conflict of interest."

It is odd, though. One would think that a confident minister would not need the approval of Wikipedia. On the other hand, a competent minister wouldn't try to edit his own Wikipedia page.

Perhaps it was an advisor.