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Couillard's Influence Extends Beyond Bernier

From June 19, 2008

Julie Couillard was interested in more than just Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier, it seems. Public Works Minister Michael Fortier confirmed on June 11, 2008, that his senior Quebec advisor, Bernard Cote, had carried on a brief relationship with Julie Couillard in the spring of 2007. Their relationship had occurred at a time when Couillard was bidding on a government contract which fell under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Works.

Cote's dismissal in June followed Bernier's in May.

Considering Couillard's connection to the criminal underworld, her back door into the contract bidding process, her access to Bernier's classified documents, and the fact that she brought down two Conservative advisors... the Conservative Government's response in the press has been subdued and dismissive. Yet this is a very serious matter of corruption within the Conservative government.

Is it too much to ask that someone track down Couillard, and give her Stephen Harper's number?