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Drug War Ramped Up

From August 21, 2008

Tony Clement's Health Ministry has opened a new front in the Drug War, targeting the users.

Rather than focusing the government's attention on the production and distribution of illegal drugs by the criminal underworld, Clement seems intent on striking out at drug users and addicts. Charges for simple possession of small amounts of marijuana have increased in Toronto, Vancouver, and Halifax by between 20 and 50 per cent. Meanwhile, the Insite program in Vancouver has had its federal funding eliminated.

But this approach of targeting users has never proven successful. Productive members of society, who happen to use drugs recreationally, end up paying far too high a price. While addicts end up with prison terms instead of counselling.

The Conservatives' drug crime plan is not progressive, and is poorly targeted. It is a step backwards. A majority of Canadians demand better.