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Cons Keep Health Canada's Climate Change Warnings Under Wraps

From August 28, 2008

In August 2008, the authors of a Health Canada report detailing the dangers of inaction on climate change revealed that the Conservative government had delayed its publication by over a year. The government gave no reason for the delay. When the document, titled 'Human Health in a Changing Climate: A Canadian Assessment of Vulnerabilities and Adaptive Capacity', was finally released, it was not posted to Health Canada's website as would be usual practice - it was made available by request only.

From the report: "Future projections of impacts from climate change include increases in drought and wildfires and certain types of storms, including more intense heavy precipitation events that can increase the risk of flash floods. Heat waves are predicted to increase in frequency and severity, with the risk of heat-related deaths being the greatest in cities."

"Climate change can be expected to create favourable conditions for pathogen and vector survival where low temperatures, low rainfall or the absence of vector habitat would have previously restricted the reproduction of hosts and transmission of diseases."

"In the absence of effective adaptations, the combined effects of projected health, demographic and climate trends in Canada are expected to increase the vulnerability of Canadians to the health impacts of climate change."

There is little question that the Cons are dragging their feet on the climate change issue. But the withholding of a document like this helps no one.

No one outside the Conservative caucus, at least.