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Introducing MP Cheryl Gallant

From July 14, 2008

According to Kelly Egan of the Ottawa Citizen, "Ms. Gallant's decision to duck every difficult question from the media is nothing short of childish." The paper noted that of 60 major candidates in Ottawa area ridings, Con MP Cheryl Gallant was the only one to refuse to meet with the Ottawa Citizen editorial board.

Perhaps she felt that keeping silent and lying low was her only hope of getting through the next election.

Gallant is known for not having a handle on her mouth. In 2002 she was forced to apologize after repeatedly interrupting then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bill Graham, with perplexing shouts of "Ask your boyfriend" or "How's your boyfriend?"

Just a year later she had to apologize to Minister Graham again after cameras caught her mouthing an obscenity at him during question period.

In 2004, Gallant equated the beheading of Iraq war hostage Nick Berg with abortion. A few days later she claimed that the Charter of Rights had to be changed, because in protecting gays and lesbians it would also protect pedophilia.

And in 2005 she sent out birthday cards to some of her constituents. The cards featured a picture of Gallant, with the words "May all your birthday wishes come true," and... were sent to residents who had unsuspectingly submitted passport applications at her Pembroke office.

So, if she wants to lie low because she can't handle her job responsibly and ethically, maybe instead she should just find a new one.

That's one birthday wish for you.