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Political Interference from the Harper Government

From June 12, 2008

Someone forgot to tell the Office of Foreign Affairs, and Stephen Harper's chief of staff, Ian Brodie, that interfering in another country's political process is bad diplomacy.

According to CTV News, Ian Brodie spun a tale to reporters of how Senator Hillary Clinton's advisors had spoken with Canadian diplomats about her position on NAFTA. The diplomats were assured, he claimed, that Clinton's public position was nothing more than political posturing to win votes in the midwest. Later, a confidential memo bearing a similar sentiment from Senator Barack Obama's advisors was emailed from the Office of Foreign Affairs to 232 addresses, including 8 outside of government. These leaks, particularly the one involving Obama, reached the American press quickly.

The leaks were apparently an attempt to damage both Democratic Primary candidates in one fell swoop, just as their campaigns were reaching the battleground state of Ohio.

Someone should tell Stephen Harper that the American political system already has enough corruption without sticking his fingers in the pie.