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Conservative Government Ignoring Water Issues

From August 27, 2008

"We can no longer take our extensive water supplies for granted," says a report from Environment Canada, titled A Federal Perspective on Water Quantity Issues.

The report was acquired by the Canadian Press through the Access to Information Act in August 2008. The government is required by law to publish a report on Canada's water management annually, but the last report published was from 2005-2006.

According to the Canadian Press, despite having a fifth of the world's supply of fresh water, only seven percent of Canada's fresh water is renewable. The rest comes from ice-age glaciers and underground aquifers. The withheld report goes on to say that climate change and a growing population will drain resources further.

The Conservatives have been criticized for not keeping last year's promise to produce a national water strategy. The first step is to stop withholding Environment Canada reports.