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Economic Inaction

From August 31, 2008

Demonstrators in Ontario are descending on the constituency office of Chatham-Kent Essex MP Dave Van Kesteren, seeking an explanation for the federal government's lack of action on the economy. The demonstrators say that no other country has allowed their industrial sector to be destroyed in the way that Canada's government has.

"The loss of thousands of good paying manufacturing jobs in this community and across the country has to stop," said Aaron De Meester, president of the Chatham-Kent Labour council. "We want every Chatham-Kent worker and family who has suffered the pain of job loss to show up and speak up with one loud and clear voice to remind politicians they were elected to represent working peoples' interests."

According to the Chatham Daily News, "The work boots and other footwear to be delivered to Van Kesteren's office signifies the fact the owners don't need them anymore, because they don't have a job."

The Conservative Party's inaction for the last 2 1/2 years should be remembered, in spite of any 'promises' they make during the upcoming election campaign.