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Government Guts Energuide

From August 30, 2008

One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of Canada is in retrofits to the home. Through the Energuide program, home owners could have their house inspected for insulating factors and heating effectiveness, and receive a retrofit grant to help pay for the recommended renovations. The reductions in energy usage helped save taxpayers money and decreased carbon emissions. A smart program - but the Conservatives cancelled it when they came into power.

Immediately there was an outcry, from home owners who planned to make the upgrades, and from the small businesses that relied on the energy audits and recommendations to make a living.

Before long the Conservatives were forced to backtrack. They did not want to resurrect the old Liberal program however, so they trumpeted the creation of their own plan - ecoEnergy - which was a step backward in nearly every way.

The ecoEnergy home retrofit program was granted less than half the funding that Energuide was, the program did not cover any part of the home audit costs, and there was no component covering seniors or low income families.

If the Conservatives were serious about serving the people of Canada, they would not gut a working program only to replace it with a deficient replica a few months later.