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Stephen Harper Runs a Tight Ship

From August 30, 2008

There is a reason that Stephen Harper likes to keep a gag on his own people - they just say the darnedest things. Case in point: Blogger Extraordinaire Monte Solberg.

Generally, the more a politician is willing to communicate with his constituents, the better. Classically, these meetings would be face to face and door to door. Sometimes, these communications would take place in newspaper editorials, mailed pamphlets, and letters. Now, in the information age, they blog. But MP Monte Solberg should not.

The worst of his posts came on March 6, 2005. Mr Solberg, in some kind of attempt at a pun, or play on words, or dare it be said - joke - referred to then Prime Minister Paul Martin as 'Paul Martin Luther King' or 'PMLK' seven times, in a bizarre attempt to disparage Martin for standing up for human rights.

Only the mind of Monte Solberg would try to diminish the importance of the Charter of Rights by invoking the name of Martin Luther King Jr.

No wonder Stephen Harper tries (so very hard) to run a tight ship.