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Con Government Ends CAIRS

From May 4, 2008

So much for accountability in Harper's government.

The Conservative government has decided that it no longer will update CAIRS, the Co-ordination of Access to Information Requests System. This system, originally designed as a government tool to manage the release of information to inquiring members of the public, had become a tool for the public at large to uncover once-secret documents that had been quietly released over the years. With CAIRS now cancelled, millions of pages of documents are essentially lost to the public, inaccessible because the access index to those documents will no longer be updated.

The Conservatives insist that the system was ended because discussions determined that it was not of value to the government. The problem, however, is that preservation of the system was in the best interest of Canadians. Without CAIRS, it makes it more difficult to hold the federal government accountable for its decisions.

Considering the Cons' record on accountability and secrecy, this very effect is likely what they had in mind.