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Conservative Bureaucrats Turn Fresh Water Lakes into Tailing Ponds

From June 17, 2008

The Conservative Party's environmental failures extend beyond the confines of the Clean Air act, or global warming. In the summer of 2008 it was learned that the Harper Government had reclassified sixteen Canadian lakes as 'tailings impoundment areas', meaning that mining companies would not be required to build containment ponds to confine their toxic waste. Some of the lakes are popular fishing destinations or exist near the spawning grounds of a variety of fish populations.

Mine tailings often include minerals and elements such as arsenic, mercury, sulphur, cyanide, sulphuric acid, and various hydrocarbons, among others.

The year before, the federal government attempted to fast-track a copper and gold mine without performing the necessary environmental review. The Federal Courts put a hold on the plan, ruling it illegal, but on Conservative appeals the decision was reversed.

These actions are an utterly unnecessary subsidy of the mining industry, and spit in the face of Canadians who value a healthy ecosystem.