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John Baird's Environmental Plan

From June 11, 2008

When David Suzuki met new Environment Minister John Baird, he was initially encouraged by Baird's openness and willingness to communicate on the issues. But, before very long, the Harper Government's actual environmental plans were released, and encouragement turned to disappointment and frustration.

"Calling this plan a strategy is actually giving it far too much credit. It's a sham, and a complete abdication of our international commitment," said Mr. Suzuki. "We're not asking for a perfect plan, no one is. We're just asking for a plan that is fair and balanced and will actually stop Canada from being an international embarrassment on this issue."

Former US vice-president Al Gore responded as well, calling Harper's plan "a complete and total fraud," and suggesting that the plan was "designed to mislead the Canadian people."

Hardly a ringing endorsement from two internationally renowned speakers who know a little something about environmental science.