maple leaf

"Screw Everybody"

From August 27, 2008

Stephen Harper would be first to agree that he is not a charming man. This is not to say that Harper is a bad person or an inept politician, simply that he lacks the eloquence and charisma of a normal human being. Again, no slight intended.

But with this knowledge in mind, Stephen Harper would be wise to consider his words more carefully when addressing a national audience. It is perfectly understandable, as a politician, that he would want to point out any shortcomings he saw in Dion's Green Shift plan. But he must accept that he is not a man who can stand before a podium and say that an opponent's environmental plan would "actually screw everybody across the country," and come out smelling fresh on the other side.

A man with his kind of 'reverse-magnetism' will not attract voters by lowering the bar or engaging in profanity and gutter politics.