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Jeff Watson: Fear-monger

From August 24, 2008

Jeff Watson, Con MP for Essex, is a baffling man. As his party tries to paint itself as a responsible defender of the environment, Watson felt a different approach was better: fear-mongering.

At committee for the government's "Clean Air" act, Watson said this about the prospect of long-term environmental targets: "[T]here's potential for a lot of dislocation, which is a term for some very painful costs along the way: job loss, anxiety, depression, bankruptcy, domestic violence, costs to employment insurance or retraining, loss of charitable dollars in communities for people who used to have high-paying jobs but don't anymore and the social services that are funded by those, and in rare instances, suicide."

Watson seems unaware of the potential technological economic boom that would follow environmental legislation, if the legislation was supported sincerely. Backed by the free market of carbon trading or backed by government grants, Canada would become a leader in environmental technologies, which would actually save average Canadians thousands of dollars and create tens of thousands of jobs.

If Jeff Watson is so interested in helping Canadians faced with depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and suicide... his party would do well to fix Conservative policies on public healthcare, subsidized job retraining, and child poverty. Because these Canadians already exist in the here and now.