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Maxime Bernier's Afghanistan Gaffe

From August 23, 2008

As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Bernier committed one gaffe after another - any one of which could have warranted his resignation - but the first gaffe came with his comments on the governor of Kandahar province in Afghanistan, Asadullah Khalid.

On April 14th, 2008, Bernier was on tour in Afghanistan. There, Bernier suggested to reporters that Governor Khalid should be replaced and that Afghan President Karzai was willing to do so, over corruption concerns. Unfortunately, with Bernier's lack of discretion, President Karzai's hands were tied. If the president removed Khalid then, Karzai would be seen in his country as a little more than Canada's puppet.

Ultimately, despite the wishes of the Canadian Government, Karzai was forced to delay the replacement of the Kandahar governor by four months, until the 15th of August.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs was replaced by the end of May.