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Conservatives vs Science on Insite

From September 13, 2008

When science disagrees with the Harper Government's beliefs, science must back down.

That is the message given by Tony Clement's Health Ministry, in their decision to deny funding for Vancouver's Insite program. Despite public assurances that the government would look at all sides of the issue, their actions behind the scenes tell another picture. For instance, the government told researchers that it was willing to fund additional scientific studies of the Insite program, so long as the studies were not published until after June 30, after Insite's licence had expired.

Despite statistics that show Vancouver's supervised injection site reduces neighbourhood litter and needle sharing, and increases addiction treatment, and despite an RCMP commissioned report that determined the program was a net benefit, the Harper Government bitterly opposes Insite.

Though its federal exemption has expired, Insite is currently able to continue operations due to a decision by the B.C. Supreme Court (which the federal government intends to challenge).