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Jay Hill, MP for Prince George - Peace River

From September 16, 2008

On January 4, 2007, Stephen Harper appointed Jay Hill Secretary of State. A former Reform and Canadian Alliance member, Mr Hill is generally considered a right wing Conservative. His views on certain matters are certainly misguided.

For instance, Jay Hill has said, "For Conservatives, a surplus is an error known as over-taxation." This is a strange thing to say considering that Canada's national debt is approximately $500 billion dollars. He also, apparently, does not understand the utility of maintaining a contingency fund.

Then there was his non-apology apology to Gordon Earle in the House of Commons: "I want to assure the House and everyone watching today that if I did say something, and I am not saying I did, it certainly was not meant as a racist slur as the honourable member has accused. If whatever I said caused him any discomfort, I apologize."

Snidely implying that your NDP colleague (the first black MP elected from Nova Scotia) was in chains... is hardly behaviour becoming of a parliamentarian.