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Cons Goal - A Paralyzed Parliament

From May 27, 2008

When Stephen Harper complains that the House of Commons is dysfunctional, he need look no further than his own Conservative Party strategy documents. A 200 page Con handbook, which laid out how the party could obstruct parliament and committee meetings, was leaked to the press in May of last year. Opposition members were rightly furious.

"It is now public that the government's deliberate plan is to cause a dysfunctional, chaotic Parliament," said Ralph Goodale. "Its 200 page plan to intimidate Parliament is twice as long as its whole strategy on science and technology."

Monique Guay: "We learned this morning that the Conservative chairs of committees received a manual on how to create chaos in order to avoid dealing with issues the government does not care for. It suggests interrupting witnesses, filibustering or leaving the chair unexpectedly to stop proceedings. Does this not prove that the paralysis affecting [committees] is not happenstance but a deliberate plot by the Prime Minister's Office?"

Libby Davies: "So much for blaming the opposition for the obstruction of Parliament. Now we learn that the monkey wrench gang has had a plan all along, and not just any plan, a 200 page playbook on how to frustrate, obstruct and shut down the democratic process. Is this what the Conservatives meant when they said that they would make the minority Parliament work?"

Harper's Conservative party has shown a profound disrespect for the Canadian political process, despite running on a platform of transparency and accountability. It is truly astounding.