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Broken Promises for Public Safety

From June 3, 2008

When it comes to the safety of Canadians, Stockwell Day and the Conservative Party have let us down, says Karl Walsh, director of the Canadian Police Association.

"You have a federal government that ran on a strong crime platform that was going to include at least 2,500 officers throughout the nation," Walsh told the Toronto Star. "So as far as I'm concerned the word of Stockwell Day means nothing, absolutely nothing,"

Over two years after their election, despite budget surpluses, the Harper government refuses to allocate the funds necessary to keep their promise to Canadians. If any other party were in power, with their Public Safety Minister doing what Stockwell Day is doing now, the Conservative Party would be up in arms. But the new Cons only seems to care about public safety every four years or so, least of all when they are in power.