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Conservatives Change the Rules

From August 25, 2008

In their undying effort to end the Canadian Wheat Board, the Conservative party keeps running into the same roadblock - the farmers. So now the Harper Government has decided to pull out all the stops.

The latest assault is centered on regulations that restrict the amount of CWB election advertising which can come from third-party groups. Under those regulations, third-party groups, such as Monsanto, ADM, and Cargill, would be restricted from spending more than $10,000 dollars to influence the election of new directors to the board. But as of August 13, 2008, Stephen Harper has changed the rules.

There now is no limit to the amount of money that companies like Monsanto can spend to manipulate the voting process.

Without reservation, an end to the Canadian Wheat Board would be an absolute windfall for these foreign companies, and have a devastating effect on the livelihoods of Canadian farmers. What possible reason does Stephen Harper have to want to dilute the power of Canadians in the international marketplace?