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A Final Question (?)

From September 22, 2008

After two and a half years of Conservative minority government, one might ask, 'What if Harper was given a four year majority?'

Now, to ask this question is not scaremongering – it is a simple, legitimate question. But this website is not about what Stephen Harper's Conservatives might do if given the chance. No – this website is about the 100 corrupt, fraudulent, dishonest, secretive, unethical, unlawful, ignorant, and incompetent things that Stephen Harper's Conservatives already did.

There are actually more than 100, but they wouldn't all fit.

So, based on what we already know, the answer to the question could still be reached by logical progression. If the Cons already managed one hundred irresponsible actions in just a two and a half year span, how many can they fit into four?

And if they can manage one hundred irresponsible actions in a minority government, where their power is checked by the opposition parties, how many more could they slide through with a full majority?

Here's hoping that we don't have to find out for sure.